A Foundation for Family Legacy

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Family is one of the first training grounds for the next generation to follow a set of biblical principles.

When we talk about passing down wealth from generation to generation, it is easy to get caught up in the transfer of material possessions. But passing down faith, biblical wisdom, and family values must come first. True family legacies are the emotional, social, spiritual, mental, and financial capital we leave for future generations.

You will leave a legacy no matter what. But you can decide what you want your family legacy to be. Start today by bringing your family together, identifying the values you share, discussing how those values will shape your decisions, and making a vision for the future.

At The Signatry, we believe generosity is one of the most important values to anchor your family legacy. We serve families with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to build lasting legacies around what matters.

Build the Foundation

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Family Legacy Workshops

Join us for a 24-hour experience to define your values and create your family’s mission and vision to build a lasting legacy. Walk alongside other families committed to building a family legacy rooted in faith and stewardship.

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Cause Champions

With your family values, mission, and vision in place, it is time to apply those principles by choosing the causes you will champion together. What causes has God placed on your hearts? What problems do you want to help solve?

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Donor Advised Funds

Empower your family to live out your values together by making generosity a family event. Coordinate your giving with a donor advised fund and build a family legacy of generosity for eternal impact.

Discover the Impact of a Donor Advised Fund

Pass Down Family Values

Your family legacy grows and strengthens over a lifetime, through open communication and daily habits. Find new strategies to practice your family values every day. Check out our featured resources.

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Teach Lifelong Values to Your Children

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Questions to Shape Family Legacy

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Build a Family Giving Plan

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Family Resources

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Family Blog Posts

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What is a
Donor Advised Fund?

Learn more about donor advised funds and how your family can coordinate your giving to build a family legacy of generosity for eternal impact.

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