Our Story

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The mural “Kansas City Coming to Jesus” is a feature of The Signatry’s Kansas City office.

God uses our stories to remind us of his grace and faithfulness. Our stories can also help reveal God’s calling in our lives. The history of The Signatry reminds us of the ways God’s providence guided our organization into serving families who desire to live more generously and spread the hope of the gospel to all.

About The Signatry

Established in 2000, The Signatry is a ministry and donor advised fund sponsor that seeks to inspire and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity across generations.

For too long, the practice of generosity has centered on dollar amounts. We believe generosity is a lifestyle. As Christians, we start with faith and values, transform them into a lifestyle, and build the foundation for what matters: enduring families and eternal impact.

Through donor advised funds and other innovative tools, we empower families to live generously, modeling biblical values for future generations and making a greater impact on the causes that align with their passions and advance the kingdom of God


Why We Exist

Our History: A Growing Vision for Generous Lives

The Signatry traces its start back to 2000, to the launch of the Christian Community Foundation of Kansas City, a small donor advised fund sponsor seeking to connect God’s resources with God’s workers in the Kansas City area.

Our community of donors grew and helped to support ministries throughout the central region of the country. What started with a small group of donors in Kansas City developed, by God’s grace, into a vision to foster revolutionary, biblical generosity on a much bigger scale.

The founding board of the Christian Community Foundation of Kansas City


In 2018, the Kansas City organization, in partnership with another generosity group from middle Tennessee, launched The Signatry.

Through our work with donors, we saw an increasing need to pursue biblical generosity across generations. Generosity is not just a financial strategy for individual high-earners; we believe it is a way of life accessible to anyone. The Signatry’s ministry continued to expand by offering resources and development opportunities for families at any stage of life to learn and practice habits of generosity together.

The Signatry has been blessed with a growing community of generous donors who partner with us to solve the world’s greatest problems and spread the hope of the gospel to all. In 2021, Steve French was appointed CEO, succeeding one of our founders, Bill High. Also in 2021, we helped launch Give Interactive, a modern technology platform for foundations, and He Gets Us, a media campaign to reintroduce all people to the Jesus of the Bible.

Now serving generous donors in all 50 states, we are eager to keep pursuing God’s call to equip families to live generously and spread the hope of the gospel to all.

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