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As a financial advisor, you have the opportunity to partner with your clients to clarify their stewardship and charitable giving goals and then execute those goals. As a result, many people will be blessed.

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Your clients rely on your expertise to guide their financial journeys. In an increasingly competitive market, you can distinguish your practice by introducing them to charitable planning and giving tools that clarify and expand their vision for faithful stewardship. Help your clients transform their finances and their families with the power of generosity.

Transforming Tax Strategies into Faithful Stewardship

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The Signatry can partner with you to provide insights and charitable giving tools to help your clients achieve and exceed their generosity goals.

Your Charitable Planning Tools

There is a world of solutions ready, and we are here to support you.

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund with The Signatry can help your client organize, simplify, and cast a long-term vision for their generosity.

You can gain partial or full access to a donor advised fund your client establishes with The Signatry. This provides a platform for you to help your clients identify the possible tax deduction benefits and the best giving strategies for their goals.

Plus, help your clients include a donor advised fund in their estate plan.

Find Out More About Donor Advised Funds

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Advisor Managed Accounts

Play a part in managing a donor advised fund’s investments from the first dollar.

As a financial advisor, you have built knowledge and expertise in financial management and investment strategies. You can use this insight to benefit your client’s charitable impact, too. If your client has contributed money to a donor advised fund at The Signatry, you may recommend investments with the fund balance through your preferred custodian.

Learn More About Advisor Managed Accounts

Charitable Giving Strategies

Connect with your client’s values, faith, and family members to strengthen your relationship for years to come. When you share your client’s vision for the future, you can help them identify the best charitable giving strategies to realize those goals. Find resources for your advising practice and your clients on:

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Charitable Giving and Taxes

Here’s what you need to know this year for your client’s charitable giving and taxes.

Learn More
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Noncash Charitable Contributions

Here’s how noncash charitable contributions can maximize generosity.

Learn More
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Estate Planning

Here are ways an estate plan can establish a legacy of generosity.

Estate Planning Information
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Charitable Bunching

Discover how charitable bunching can maximize generosity.

Learn More
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Guides and Fact Sheets

View more guides and fact sheets to support your practice.

Download Resources

Generosity Calculator

If your client is considering a future sale of closely held business interests, real estate interests, or other noncash assets, use our generosity calculator to show what is possible with the right giving strategy. The calculator can estimate how much more your client can give by donating their asset before it sells.

See the Potential Tax Savings
and Benefits to Charity
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“It may not sound super biblical, but charitable tax deductions do lead to increased generosity. [My clients] see they can save a massive amount on income taxes — that really gets [them] inspired to donate more.”

Jeff Dobyns, President, Southwestern Investment Group

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