How to Set Up a Donor Advised Fund

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Set Up a Donor Advised Fund
in a Few Easy Steps

1. Select a Sponsor.

The donor advised fund sponsor you choose serves as your partner in charitable giving. You can choose a donor advised fund sponsor that shares your values, your faith, and your vision for generosity.

At The Signatry, we sponsor donor advised funds as tools to inspire and facilitate biblical generosity. We believe revolutionary, biblical generosity can bring the hope of the gospel to all people.
Learn more about our team’s values and mission.

2. To open a donor advised fund with The Signatry, create an online profile and set up a fund.

Once you are logged into our online portal, you will be able to explore the nonprofits our community supports and view currently featured nonprofits.

When you are ready, you can set up a donor advised fund with a few short steps. You will have the chance to name the fund and set a mission statement for your generosity. Our team will review the information you provide and finalize the new fund or reach out for more details.

3. Set up your contribution method(s) and make your first contribution.

You can make contributions to a donor advised fund via ACH, wire, credit card, debit card, or check. Contributions can be one-time or recurring. You will be able to view and manage the fund balance online.

Tip: You may also contribute non-cash assets like stock or real estate to a donor advised fund.
Learn more about giving noncash assets.

4. Receive a tax deduction for your charitable contribution.

In general, contributions to a donor advised fund are tax deductible for the year they are made, even if grants are made out of the fund in a different year.

5. Recommend a grant from the fund.

To support a nonprofit with the donor advised fund balance, submit a grant recommendation via our online portal. Specify the name of the organization, the amount, and any other information relevant for your recommendation. Our team will review the request and make sure the nonprofit is a qualified recipient. If the request is approved, The Signatry will send a grant to the selected nonprofit.

Tip: You can log in to search nonprofits that have already been approved by our team.

6. Encourage other family members to create their own profile, then request to give them shared access to the fund online.

A donor advised fund with The Signatry can have multiple full-access donors. You may also request that some users be given limited access to the fund: for example, young children may have view-only or contributions-only access, as you deem age-appropriate.

Tip: You may also set up a donor advised fund to serve as the basis for a giving circle among friends.

Start a Donor Advised Fund Today

It takes just a few minutes to set up a donor advised fund online. With no minimum contribution requirements and no administrative fee on the balance of the fund, a fund at The Signatry can help you streamline your family’s giving right away.

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How much money do I need to contribute to open a donor advised fund?

The Signatry has no minimum contributions requirements for donor advised funds. This means you can set up a fund with $0.

How much does it cost to maintain a donor advised fund?

As a reflection of our mission to inspire and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity, The Signatry does not charge an administrative fee on the balance of donor advised funds. There are costs related to some of the options in a donor advised fund, such as processing fees on certain contribution methods and investment management fees. Click here for a full overview of fees and expenses related to a donor advised fund.

When will I be able to claim my charitable tax deduction?

If you claim a charitable tax deduction for your contribution to a donor advised fund, the deduction will apply to the tax year that you made the contribution.

For example, if you make a charitable contribution to a DAF in December 2024, your charitable tax deduction will apply to the 2024 tax year. This is true even if your first grant recommendation occurs in 2025.

How does a contribution become a grant?

Watch the video below to follow the journey of a dollar from contribution to grant.


Open a Donor Advised Fund at The Signatry

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Have Questions?

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