Use Your Noncash Assets to Ignite Kingdom Transformation

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90% of the average American’s wealth is in noncash or nonliquid assets, such as stock or business interests.

Yet, 80% of our giving is done with cash.

We believe we are called to be faithful stewards of all our resources. We can move beyond cash giving and look for opportunities to be generous with our other, noncash and nonliquid assets. What starts as a tax saving strategy can grow into something that will make a difference for eternity. This is what revolutionary kingdom impact looks like.

How does it work?

Donating appreciated noncash assets to charity can benefit both the donor and the recipient. As a donor, you may be able to minimize your tax liability while maximizing what you are able to give.

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Step 1

Start early! If you are considering selling a noncash or nonliquid asset (e.g., your business, real estate, or even cryptocurrency) sometime in the future, now is the time to start planning charitable contributions.

Step 2

Donate all or part of the asset to a donor advised fund with The Signatry before the asset is sold or liquidated. The Signatry takes ownership of the donated asset.

Benefit #1: When you donate your appreciated noncash or nonliquid asset, you may receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the donated portion. 

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Step 3

When the asset is sold, the portion held in the donor advised fund at The Signatry will be liquidated, and the resulting cash in the fund balance may be granted to charities.

Benefit #2: Your capital gains taxes from the sale may be lower because you have already donated part of the asset to The Signatry. 

Benefit #3: The Signatry is a 501(c)(3) public charity and may be able to pay a lower capital gains tax rate on the donated portion of the asset. This can leave a higher portion of the proceeds available for granting in the donor advised fund. 

Every noncash or nonliquid asset gift is unique. The benefits for your family and for the charities you wish to support will vary based on your unique situation. Talk with your financial advisor or one of our team members about the details and possible benefits of donating your noncash and nonliquid assets. Our team has decades of experience strategizing and processing noncash and nonliquid charitable contributions.

The most important thing to remember is: Start early. Many of the benefits of giving non-cash assets only apply when the asset is donated before it is sold.


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Four Common Opportunities

icon of an office building with an icon of a coin in front of it, representing selling a business

Giving Business Interests

You have practiced good stewardship by owning and running your business in ways that honor God. Learn more about how to steward your business sale with a tax deductible business asset donation.

Donate Business Interests
icon of a house with a coin inside symbolizing real estate

Giving Real Estate

Whether you own farmland, oil and gas interests, commercial property, or other real estate assets, you can leverage those assets today to impact the Kingdom long after the final transaction takes place.

Donate Real Estate
icon of a line graph with a generally upward trajectory symbolizing selling stock

Giving Stocks

When you donate stocks and mutual funds to a donor advised fund, we can liquidate the assets so the proceeds can be ready to grant out to other charities.

Donate Appreciated Stock
an icon of a stack of coins symbolizing opening a donor advised fund

Giving Cryptocurrency

Turn your cryptocurrency assets into charitable dollars in a donor advised fund, then recommend grants for kingdom purposes.

Donate Cryptocurrency

Generosity Calculator

Maximize generosity. Use our calculator to see how making a non-cash charitable contribution before you sell your asset could increase the impact of your gift.

Calculate the Impact
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