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Lesli Carnes

Lesli Carnes

Serving Nonprofits: A Partnership to Generosity

The nonprofits we work with at The Signatry are doing incredible work in a variety of fields. We see donors recommend grants to animal shelters, mission sending organizations, clean water wells, college youth groups, local churches, and so many more on a daily basis. There is one common thread through all of these projects and missions and The Signatry— and that is financial support.

One main way we can partner in generosity is through the grant, but that doesn’t mean it is simply a transaction, or that it is simple! Creative generosity methods, like accepting gifts of stock or other nonliquid gifts, is an excellent way The Signatry can serve nonprofits. The charity fund is a great tool for a reserve fund. And how we are serving nonprofits through our processes, like adding ACH and better contact details, will all aid each other in facilitating revolutionary biblical generosity.

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Needing a place to start? Try asking some of the questions in this assessment against your organization. Learn more about a charity fund, a major donor plan, or other new ways to enrich your organization’s growth and generosity avenues.

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About Lesli Carnes

Lesli Carnes

Lesli is the Vice President of Client Engagement, helping serve donors, advisors, and nonprofits in maximizing biblical generosity for the Kingdom.

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